Saturday, August 15, 2015

Three Embryonic Tales

Hello, lovelies! Today I shall present to you three plot summaries/back-of-book blurbs for three story ideas of mine. (I'm sure you've never ever heard any similar stories anywhere, especially not in your English classes.)

Story One: Untamable

Katrina is a belligerent, raging-feminist high school senior, and a bit of a loner. Her younger sister Bess is demure and pretty (if a little less academic), and has everyone, especially three potential prom dates, in her back pocket. When their father decides to strike an unusual bargain with Bess's admirers—none of them can go to the prom with Bess unless Katrina has a date—strange things are afoot. Through lively dialogue and sly social commentary, this novelette takes high school drama to the next level, and provokes thoughts on the meanings of masculinity, femininity, obedience, and parenthood in an age of wildness.

Story Two: Wonderful

Miranda is a shy but curious nineteen-year-old, orphaned at a young age and homeschooled by her grandfather all her life. He has… unique ideas about how a girl should be raised, and especially about how she should choose a potential spouse. When a raging hurricane strands an attractive young man of the world at their rural Alabama home, he immediately starts to fall for Miranda—but will he be up to the challenge when her grandfather decides to test his worth?

Story Three: The Twelfth Knight

A moody, lovesick high school actor. His seemingly indifferent crush. Her completely indifferent crush, one of the school orchestra members, who isn't all he seems. And, her crush's twin brother, who only serves to complicate everything. Not to mention another guy or two from tech who would give almost anything to take her out at least once. After all, she's the star of the winter play, and could probably influence the director into giving them parts in it. Love triangles? This is more like a love hexagon, and it only gets more complicated from here. Will the play be the thing to sort it all out? Or will these actors keep their masks on forever?

Fragments of these stories will hopefully make it onto the blog soon. For now, writing a blurb for each is my way of getting myself excited about writing them while also tricking myself into sort of outlining the story and characters because I utterly hate outlining stories and characters because I want to just WRITE already, but I also can't write without doing it, do you see my problem? Anyway, my potential, tentative plan is to maybe get these written up and eventually publish them as three novelettes in one volume, probably just in ebook form, and see if anyone will buy it for like $0.99 or maybe just for free because I kinda just want the fun of saying I published something.

Anyway, I hope these moody high school drama stories interest a few people, but even if not they sound fun to write. Since the stories are DEFINITELY NOT already pretty much outlined for me.

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