Sunday, August 16, 2015

An Ode on School Supplies

Salutations! Just so y'all know, in case you care, I've written the last chapter out of a projected three chapters of the first story of the three on yesterday's list. It remains to be seen whether the middle and beginning will go as well as the end did; I plan to work on that in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, to sate your voracious appetites for my writing, I shall post a teensy bit of a something.

An Ode on School Supplies

Freshly sharpened pencil points
Glide across a lily page;
The sight my fevered soul anoints
And quietens its summer rage.

Crisp Crayolas, rainbow-bright,
Smell better than a fine perfume;
Oh, would that covenantal sight
Were scribed on every wall and room!

Sheets of unstained paper white,
Virgin-like but ripe to wed;
Their husbands, Sharpies black as night,
Stand ready to take cap from head.

Next, the fasteners line up:
Staples, tape, and glue withal;
Beside them, paper-clips in a cup,
And rubber bands wound in a ball.

College-ruled and thricely pierced,
Notebook pages arm to fight
With binder-rings, that, ever fierce,
Seek to rend each sheet aright.

What tales of love and war and peace
Could yet be told of these fine things!
But, alas, I will surcease,
Although my soul with joy out-rings!

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