Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Limerick about Pinkeye

Day two of this writing every day thing. I regret yesterday's good decisions. I am tired and ready for bed and in no mood to write. The muse has called in sick, and I have recently discovered I have pinkeye, for the second time this year. Shmuuuur.

Anyway, here's a depressing limerick about the situation:

Pink is a lov-e-ly, happy hue.
It makes for much par-tay and to-do;
But afflicting the eyes
Makes me to despise
Altogether the shade; so adieu!

My apologies for how utterly dreadful that is. If it's any consolation, tomorrow I'll probably reread it and wish I could sink into the earth. Now go cleanse your mind by looking at the Perseid meteor shower that's apparently going on which I can't see because I have to leave the contact lens out of the pink-afflicted eye.

Lest ye think I had a completely terrible day, I did get to see my grandparents and have a nice family dinner and open a box of books that came in the mail, but it's actually more fun sometimes to wallow in one's minuscule complaints, isn't it? 

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